Tuesday, July 30, 2013

China LED Lighting News: LED lighting market will be fully moved into the industrial

"LED lighting applications in industry," Salon in Suzhou Dongshan held as scheduled, LED lighting industry experts nearly 30 people in Qiju Dong Shan Precision new office conference room, from a different perspective to explore the field of LED lighting for industrial hot topic.

2013 is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of semiconductor lighting engineering, industrial development has made remarkable achievements, the government will continue to promote industrial development in the related support given to the current central and local governments have gradually form a linkage mechanism to further promote and improve the environment for industrial development . I hope in the increasingly fierce competition by strengthening the joint to promote the development of China's LED lighting industry.

China Illuminating Engineering Society General Dou Linping of LED industrial lighting product categories, the replacement process to solve problems and ideas in three areas of speeches. He suggested to the lamp, for example, can be designed in the form of integrated bracket easier through the 3C certification, certification to avoid the risk, so that the lamp safety has improved significantly, while the cost of the increase is very small. Factory lights acrylic cover aspects can be used to reduce the flare, glare caused discomfort. Again, LED light emitting characteristics determine its natural match with intellectual control system, intelligent control of LED industrial lighting will also be an important advance direction.

You first need to consider industrial lighting illumination, glare and other issues, followed by a detailed analysis of demand for unique applications and appropriate lighting fixtures choice. Currently LED lighting applications in the industrial tube lights and down lights mainly dominated, accounting for about 75%, from the overall product as ceiling lamp cost point of view, Ceiling light returns on investment reduced to 2 to 3 years. Forecast, in 2015 the penetration rate of the LED lighting industry will reach 18% in 2020 to reach 35%. Interactive sessions participating experts on industrial lighting market segments, industrial lighting standard, easy-to cut industrial lighting market and enterprise development strategies focus on other issues, the meeting in a lively discussion in one way or another certain.